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Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the most personal care before, during and after your hospital stay. You and your family are experiencing a very special time with the approaching birth of your baby. The staff at Midland Memorial Hospital wants to be a part of this important event in your life. Our staff is dedicated to helping you prepare for the physical, emotional, social, and financial changes that you face. These suites are designed to provide you and your family with a positive and memorable birth experience. The home-like atmosphere is enhanced by hardwood floors, comfortable sofa and chairs, private bath, television and mother's bed, which converts to a birthing bed.

You are encouraged to bring any materials to help enhance your birth experience such as a birthing ball, aromatherapy, relaxation and massage techniques, as well as music.

Anesthesia staff members specializing in labor and delivery are available 24 hours a day. If you are planning to deliver your baby at Midland Memorial Hospital, you will need to pre-register at the hospital's front desk, Monday through Friday between 8 a.

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Our staff supports and practices couplet care. This means the mother and baby remain together as a pair, and are cared for by one nurse while in the hospital.

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You and baby will be admitted to the Mother-Baby Unit approximately two hours after birth. Couplet care will help to empower you to guide the care of your baby and promote stronger family-bonding and attachment.

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This prepares you to go home with confidence to care for your baby. Before your baby is discharged, a routine hearing screening will be conducted. There is also a routine newborn screening performed while you are in the hospital. A second screening is required after discharge. The Mother-Baby unit includes 30 private rooms equipped with a bathroom, shower, television and telephone. If you are breastfeeding, you may visit with one of the lactation consultants to learn more about the nursing process. These boxes are being distributed at MMH in an effort to educate new parents on safe sleep practices and to provide infants with a safe sleep space. To receive a box, parents must sign-up for BabyBoxUniversity. Each box is made of durable cardboard and comes with a mattress pad, fitted sheet, and a lid which turns the box into a keepsake after the infant outgrows the box.

Click here to learn more about The Baby Box or call Midland Health has made several advancements towards providing an even higher level of care for children and infants. Other capabilities include caring for sicker infants who may be on antibiotics, use a feeding tube, or need respiratory support. We are here from the beginning, offering childbirth education classes designed to educate parents about the labor and delivery process, breastfeeding, how to care for themselves and their newborn, as well as preparing siblings for becoming big brothers and sisters.

Click here for more information on the childbirth classes we offer.

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The beautifully decorated unit consists of 12 beds. Two of these rooms have full hemodynamic blood flow and cardiac monitoring capability. The pediatric unit is fully staffed with experienced nurses that have been trained to care for children of all ages and trained in pediatric advanced life support PALS. Parent support is very important for any child hospitalized and we encourage parents to stay and help care for their child. Our lactation breastfeeding program supports the nutritional needs of future generations and is the only one of its kind in west Texas. Full time licensed nurses with years of experience are available to work with our new moms and give them the encouragement and support needed for successful breastfeeding.

Attending a childbirth education class before your baby is born will help you understand breastfeeding and may prevent difficulties down the road. Physicians, nurses, or others may refer patients to our lactation department. We work closely with these health professionals coordinating efforts to assure both mother's and baby's well being. There may be a charge for your records There is no charge for records if you need them for continuation of care If you are requesting records for personal use there are.

How long should the process take?

In most cases, record copies are available in less than a week. Some requests take longer to process. If you have questions you may call the number above to verify the status of your request. Please upgrade your browser.

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Several of its members are former army children, and the stories and memories of some can be read on COFEPOW's sobering, information-filled, reminiscence-rich website. Here you'll find articles, reminiscences and anecdotes, as well as a forum, an online museum and memorial, recommended reading and much more. All army children live with the fear that their soldier parent will be injured or killed in the line of duty. HISTORY MATTERS If you have an army child or two in your family tree, it may be possible to learn more about them by consulting certain family-history resources, while reading about the military conflicts in which the British Army has been involved over the centuries, and their historical context, may help to inform you about the times, and circumstances, in which they lived.

Otherwise, the following basic tips may set you on your way if your army child, or children, were 'on the strength', or 'children of the regiment'. If the child was born in Britain , you should be able to track down details of his or her birth certificate in the same way as you would those for a child of civilian parentage FreeBMD , which contains birth, marriage and death indexes for England and Wales, can be searched for free.

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The births of army children born abroad during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries should have been registered with the British authorities through the British Army, and their birth certificates should therefore be applied for through the General Record Office GRO. If their births were not registered, however, then they can apply for a late registration by contacting the general section at the GRO. For further information on ordering birth certificates, click here ; and click here for more on how to register the birth of a baby born abroad. This offers a searchable database of selected birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial records, taken from the India Office Records, for British and European people living in India between around and Non-members will also find viewable social-history-related material on its website, including a range of records and images.

Click here to search for military births on Gibraltar between and ; here for military marriages between and ; and here for military deaths between and On this website, you'll find nineteenth- and twentieth-century registers of baptisms, marriages and deaths in Malta, indexes of the names of those buried in cemeteries on Malta, as well as of British soldiers who were stationed there, an illuminating article on the army chapel-schools in Malta and more besides.

These records were collated by Peter Goble. He is being mourned by a young mother and her baby, who has not yet been weaned. Above: The Dead Soldier, c. Having been orphaned, he enlisted at five years of age and served in the British Army for twenty-one years, seeing action in the Peninsular War. Janet writes: 'Following our enquiry, the British War Office WO provided quite detailed information on my mother's grandfather, Colour Sergeant John Murray, who was born on Gibraltar in to a serving British soldier. Five years after his birth, his father died on duty cause unknown , and the child was enlisted as a drummer in HM 50th Regiment of Foot.

He later served in many campaigns, including the Peninsular War, and was awarded the Military General Service Medal with five bars. He was discharged without a pension.

I am intrigued by the history here, but his parents' names are unknown, so I don't know how to find more information. Details on John Murray's death certificate in Collector, Australia, indicated his parents as "father unknown soldier" and "mother unknown", which suggests that the child had no memory or knowledge of either after enlistment. I have been trying not very successfully so far to get information about John Murray's parents as this would shed more light on the circumstances of his early life in the army and that of other children of the time.

The opinion given by the WO was that enlisting children into service at such a young age was not unknown. They said that wives of soldiers were sometimes allowed to accompany their husbands overseas, but no provision was made for their support if their soldier husband was killed. In this event, the commanding officer of the unit sometimes permitted children younger than the enlisting age to join up, thus saving the mother and child from destitution.

I thought that it would have been relatively easy to find some information about John Murray, given that we had the details of his service unit and his years of service, but so far have been frustrated in my searching. I must say that as much as I am interested in the boy, I am perhaps more interested in finding his mother, in particular to find out what her fate was.

Did she also die on Gibraltar? If so, she must have died quite young as it seems that the boy had no real knowledge of his parents. If I can find more information, it could be enhanced by pictures of uniforms and campaigns of the Siege of Gibraltar and the Peninsular War, so I welcome advice on where to look for such information. Art's advice to Janet follows, and may also prove useful to anyone else who is researching British soldiers of that period.

Sergeant Murray is the youngest boy recruit to my knowledge. He beats James Wade, aged seven, who enlisted — also as a drummer — in the 9th Foot The Royal Norfolk Regiment , served throughout the Peninsular Campaign and got his discharge at the age of twenty-nine, having served his twenty-one years. He was wounded. I suggest that if Murray enlisted in the 50th Foot, that was the unit in which his father served, which means that he will be found in the muster rolls of the regiment for the period.

The rolls will record his age, date and place of enlistment which is a clue to his parish , and trade or occupation on enlistment.

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All users should seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional for a diagnosis and answers to their medical questions. From trauma and injury care to imaging and lab testing services, you can rely on our dedicated staff to provide the care you deserve. Our emergency center offers emergency medical care and is staffed with board-certified physicians and registered nurses. The course is designed for providers, administrators and public health employees, though all are welcome. Susan Johnston, Indian trader,

The 50th's stay at the Gibraltar station would be recorded in Kinsella's Forlorn Hope. Anyway, this might help Janet extend her enquiries.