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Steven Spielberg North By Northwest , dir.

Alfred Hitchcock Stagecoach , dir. John Ford Fletch , dir. Michael Ritchie David O. Frank Capra Chinatown , dir. Roman Polanski Goodfellas , dir. Martin Scorsese Vertigo , dir. Alfred Hitchcock Pulp Fiction , dir. Quentin Tarantino Raging Bull , dir.

Martin Scorsese Young Frankenstein , dir. Luis Bunuel The Godfather , dir. Francis Ford Coppola Blue Velvet , dir. David Lynch Groundhog Day , dir. Federico Fellini a Space Odyssey , dir. Stanley Kubrick Ashes and Diamonds , dir. Andrzej Wajda Citizen Kane , dir. Orson Welles The Leopard , dir. Luchino Visconti Palsa , dir.

Roberto Rossellini The Red Shoes , dir. Jean Renoir Salvatore Giuliano , dir. Francesco Rosi The Searchers , dir. John Ford Ugetsu Monogatari , dir. Kenji Mizoguchi Vertigo , dir. Sergio Leone Apocalypse Now , dir.

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Michael Ritchie Carrie , dir. Brian DePalma Dazed and Confused , dir. Richard Linklater The Great Escape , dir. John Sturges His Girl Friday , dir. Howard Hawks Jaws , dir. Roger Vadim Rolling Thunder , dir. John Flynn Sorcerer , dir. William Friedkin Taxi Driver , dir. Carl theodor Dreyer Alexander Nevsky , dir. Sergei Eisenstein M , dir.

Fritz Lang Au hasard Balthazar , dir. Robert Bresson Vivre sa vie , dir. Jean-Luc Godard Frenzy , dir. Alfred Hitchcock Tokyo Story , dir.

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Yasujiro Ozu The Round-Up , dir. Miklos Jancso Berlin Alexanderplatz , dir.

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John Landis Carrie , dir. Brian DePalma Dames , dir. Nicolas Roeg Duck Soup , dir. Leo McCarey Psycho , dir. Alfred Hitchcock Raising Arizona , dir. Edward Yang Rain , dir.


Joris Ivens Empire , dir. Andy Warhol Valentin de la Sierras , dir. Bruce Baillie The Conversation , dir.

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Stanley Kubrick The Eighties , dir. Chantal Akerman The General , dir. Buster Keaton Satantango , dir. These people live, eat and breathe film. A lot of great movies but Stray Dog is one of the weakest Kurosawa films in my opinion. Great to see A Clockwork Orange on the list though.

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In order 1. Heat [Michael Mann] 2. Fight Club [David Fincher] 3. The Godfather [Francis Ford Coppola] 4. Raging Bull [Martin Scorsese] 5. Citizen Kane [Orson Welles] 6. Jaws [Steven Spielberg] 8. Django Unchained [Quentin Tarantino] 9. Blade Runner [Ridley Scott] Apocalypse Now [Francis Ford Coppola].

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Strangelove [Stanley Kubrick] — Unbreakable [M. Watch these films with English subtitles. These films are all awesome. Check out all the films of these directors too.

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The directors are all great. Amazing how many times Kubrick was on the list and the fact that the other directors picked different films of his. JAWS Alphatbetical Order. All those lists suck. Just trying to legitimize directing as something classy and intellectual. Movies are entertainment and thus my list is as follows. It will change tomorrow because how can you actually narrow down thousands upon thousands of films to just ten.

I have seen about 50 of the mentioned titles. None of them made my list. None of my films made their lists. There may be a hint of bitterness. Not really though as I cannot narrow down a top ten. The concept is absurd when I love so many films. Of the titles I have seen, yeah most are well made, some i didnt like at all. This gives the illusion their list being made by a robot, based on some algorithm, a list you would create to impress your film history professor with. To me they come off as boring and without soul. You need a brain to watch those films. Judging from your list I can see that you have an attention span of a moth. I like some of the films of your list though, but it obvious that you have a very small intellectual capacity.