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Cities have adopted a more lenient approach to drug offenses in particular, diverting many low-level drug offenders to probation or treatment rather than to jail. Those choices have started to reverse — if only modestly — longstanding racial disparities in American prisons, where blacks and Hispanics are incarcerated at drastically higher rates than whites. The annual number of new black prison inmates fell by about 25 percent from to , and the number of Hispanic inmates fell by about 30 percent, while the number of new white inmates fell by only about 8 percent, according to the most complete federal data.

It suggests that this is not necessarily an intractable problem. But rural, mostly white and politically conservative counties have continued to send more drug offenders to prison, reflecting the changing geography of addiction. While crack cocaine addiction was centered in cities, opioid and meth addiction are ravaging small communities like those in Dearborn County, where 97 percent of the population is white.


Instructions on printing out property record cards via internet, please go to www. and follow these directions to obtain your property. The Dearborn County Recorder's Office now has property records available online for citizens to search Dearborn County Government Holiday Calendar

A collection of small, quiet towns near the Ohio River, Dearborn County does not look like a prison capital. Violent crime is rare. There are few empty storefronts. And local officials, flush with money brought in by a popular local casino, have built a convention center and a high school football field fit for a movie set.

But the extraordinarily high incarceration rate here — about one in 10 adults is in prison, jail or probation — is driven less by crime and poverty than by a powerful prosecutor, hard-line judges and a growing heroin epidemic.

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Opioid addiction spread early here. Negangard, the prosecutor, has fought the heroin crisis by aggressively going after drug crimes. Negangard said. Negangard has faced few obstacles to getting more convictions.

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The police go after even minor drug cases, often offering to dismiss drug possession charges in exchange for information on friends or family members who sell drugs. Probation officials are just as strict. Offenders released on probation are tested for drugs frequently, and hundreds of people who violate the terms of their probation have been sent to state prison in the past few years.

Garner, a local criminal defense attorney. Lawmakers in Indiana, concerned about the rising cost of incarceration, enacted a law that reduced criminal penalties starting in — one of at least 40 states to approve measures to reduce incarceration in the past few years. The bill was signed into law by Gov. Mike Pence, now the Republican vice-presidential nominee.

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But the new rules, which Mr. Negangard fought, have done little to curb incarceration rates in Dearborn County. Negangard said the long sentences here are the envy of police officers in Cincinnati. If a suspect is willing to sell drugs in Dearborn County, the Cincinnati police will help steer the case here, where greater punishment is almost assured, he said.

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One Cincinnati man, Scott Huy, drove from Cincinnati to Dearborn County in , enticed by a heroin deal set up by a police informer. Huy had already been convicted of drug trafficking twice in Ohio, for which he had served a total of five years in prison. After Mr. Huy sold seven grams of heroin to an undercover officer, he was sentenced to serve 35 years.

Lawyers here have a term for when defendants like Mr. Defense lawyers outside Dearborn County respond with disbelief as well. Prosecutors in New York City have sharply cut incarceration rates in part by diverting drug offenders from prison after state changes encouraged paths to treatment. But in the rest of the state, prosecutors and judges continue to put drug offenders in prison at a steady flow.

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In Texas, a series of changes intended to cut the prison population led to large reductions in new prisoners from Houston and Austin. But the rest of the state has had only modest declines.