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Both models use the same fabric and have the same size and shape. Also in both models the zipper, which spans three sides of the carrier, is waterproof and is covered by a 2-inch flap that further deflects water from the zipper. The difference is in the technique used to make the zipper flap. In contrast, in the RoofBag Explorer, the zipper flap is stitched instead of welded, creating the possibility of minor water penetration through the needle holes along the stitching.

We recommend the Cross-Country RoofBag cartop luggage carrier when the best protection is desired, when heavy rain or snow is likely, and when the extra cost is not a problem. We recommend the Explorer RoofBag cartop luggage carrier for short trips, when heavy rain is not likely, or when a more economical price is an important factor in the decision. The RoofBag Cross Country is the most waterproof soft car top luggage carrier in the market. All the joints are electrically sealed, not sewn, making the joints fully waterproof.

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Results 1 - 24 of adakiit Car Roof Bag Top Carrier Cargo Storage Rooftop Luggage RoofPax Car Roof Bag & Rooftop Cargo Carrier – 15 Cubic Feet Heavy Duty Bag, cargo carrier online will save you time and money, and it will get. Thule rooftop cargo carriers are the leading choice for carrying extra loads safely, Match your cargo needs and your car here! Find your ideal roof box. Thule.

A 2-inch double-thickness zipper flap covers the zipper. The zipper tape is polyurethane coated, which makes it waterproof. Our carriers have been tested successfully under the most extreme weather conditions, and countless customers have confirmed that our car top carriers are not only waterproof, but also snow-proof and dust-proof see Car Top Carrier Reviews and Testimonials.

However, water can enter the carrier through the zipper if the zipper is not closed all the way or if the zipper flap is not pointing down all the way around.

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This forces the zipper flap to point down and cover the zipper. With proper installation, water cannot enter the carrier under any storm conditions. Front-to-back, the strap guides are separated by 22" in the RoofBag carrier size 11, and by 31" in the RoofBag carrier size Side-to-side, the strap guides are separated by 19" in the RoofBag carrier size 11, and by 22" in the RoofBag carrier size A RoofBag carrier size 11 weighs about 8 lbs, and size 15 weighs about 9 lbs.

We fold each RoofBag carrier meticulously so that we can ship it in a small box. We ship the RoofBag size 11 in a box 14" x 12" x 6", and the RoofBag size 15 in a box 16" x 12" x 6". Since the RoofBag carrier is flexible, the weight limit is really determined by the roof of the car and not by the RoofBag carrier. We have heard that customers carry lbs, or even lbs of cargo in the carrier without a problem. As long as the weight is distributed over a wide area of the roof, the normal weight of items that people normally carry in luggage bags like clothes, camping gear, etc.

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A RoofBag carrier size 11 holds 11 cubic feet of contents, which is the equivalent of 3 medium-sized suitcases. A RoofBag carrier size 15 holds 15 cubic feet of contents, which is the equivalent of 4 medium-sized suitcases. It is possible to place suitcases inside the RoofBag luggage carrier. However, you will use the space inside the carrier more efficiently if you place the items in the carrier directly, without the suitcases.

If you carry suitcases in the RoofBag carrier, cushion the interior points of contact between the hard edges of the suitcases and the fabric of the RoofBag carrier with towels or blankets to avoid damage to the fabric of the carrier. You can find a sizing guide on the Sizing Info page: Car Top Carrier Sizing Guide , which includes a list of car models and the recommended carrier size for each. In general, size 11 cu ft is recommended for most sedans, and for small SUVs.

Large sedans, mid-sized SUVs, vans and station wagons can use either size 11 cu ft or size 15 cu ft. If you don't think you will need the extra space of a size 15, you may be better off choosing size 11, as a full RoofBag carrier rides quieter than a half-full carrier. If you need as much storage space possible, then choose size But if you don't think you'll need the all the storage space of a size 15, you may be better off using size A full RoofBag carrier works better than a half-full carrier: quieter ride and better fuel efficiency.

In addition, a full carrier makes the zipper flap point down all around, which protects the zipper from water entry. No, RoofBag car top carriers can be fastened securely to a roof rack if the car has one , or to the roof and door frame of the car if the car has no roof rack. This attachment is secure. The straps are 1, lbs strong, and the buckles are tested to lbs. Additionally, the straps are thin 0.

See installation diagrams for a car without rack using Pass-through Straps. Straps with Door Hooks need to be ordered separately. If your car does not have the ridge required for the Door Hooks, or if you are not sure, we recommend using the Pass-through Straps that come standard with the RoofBag carrier when you order a carrier for a car Without Rack. Pass-through straps work on any car. Yes, the Pass-through Straps fasten the RoofBag carrier to the door frame that is the rigid continuation of the roof, not to the door itself. The doors just close over the straps.

So, it doesn't matter if the top of the door is a metal door frame or the glass window. No, the roof of the car needs to be rigid in order for the RoofBag car top carrier to be securely fastened to it.

The straps with door hooks have the advantage that they don't take away overhead space inside the car as the inside straps do. However, for the Straps with Door Hooks to work properly, the top part of the door frame of the car must have a ridge as described on this page: Car Top Carrier Door Hooks. If your car does not have this ridge, or if you are not sure, we recommend using the Pass-Through straps that come standard with the RoofBag carrier when you choose a carrier for a car without a roof rack.

These straps work on any car. The RoofBag carrier can be fastened to any type of roof rack.

Durable Cargo Carriers and Luggage Racks

If you are a fan of roof baskets but you need an extended design, the Ego Bike Rack can be one of the leading solutions. For example, you might not be able to safely enter a garage when the cargo carrier is mounted. Shop Roof Bags. It represents a solution that is easy to use and even looks a bit retro. SlideLock system with separate locking and opening functions 2. Securing the bag to the roof of the car is done with two adjustable straps. With a weight of 18 lbs, you should also be able to install it yourself.

When you order a RoofBag carrier for a car with rack, we include 2 straps that fasten the carrier to any type of rack: to side rails straps go left-to-right , or to cross bars straps go front-to-back. Some side rails don not have slots for the straps to go through and thus are unsuitable for fastening the carrier to them. Yes, the RoofBag car top carriers are flexible and can be squeezed into a space a few inches smaller than the width of the carrier.

Yes, the RoofBag car top carrier works with cross bars that are close together. If the cross bars are adjustable, it is best to separate them as much as possible. If the RoofBag is still a few inches longer than the separation between the cross bars, the RoofBag carrier can be squeezed in the space available between the cross bars. If the cross bars are considerably closer together than the length of the RoofBag carrier, the carrier can ride over the rear cross bar. See next question. Yes, the RoofBag cartop carrier can ride over the cross bars. It is best to first separate the cross bars as much as possible.

The installation is most stable when the front of the RoofBag carrier is right behind the front cross bar. The rear cross bar can be under the carrier. If both cross bars are under the RoofBag car top carrier, the bag may flap and create noise during travel.

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If the car has both cross bars and side rails, we recommend buying an extra set of Straps for Rack, and using one pair left-to-right on the siderails, and the second pair front-to-back on the cross bars. RoofBag cartop carriers have been installed successfully on cars with sunroof by many customers.

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We are not aware of any problems resulting from such installations. We recommend distributing the weight evenly and using good judgment when deciding the amount of weight placed on the sunroof. If in doubt, please consult the car manufacturer. The RoofBag carriers for cars with roof rack or for cars without roof rack are the same. The only difference between the two models is the traps. Each RoofBag carrier for a car with rack is shipped with 2 Rack Straps. Each RoofBag carrier for a car without rack is shipped with 2 Pass-through Straps.

If you want to use your cartop carrier on a car without rack and also on a car with rack, order a carrier "for a car without rack" and also order an extra set of straps "for Rack".

Best Cargo Roof Racks: Store and Carry More Cargo on the Roof of Your Vehicle

Then you'll be equipped to use your car top carrier on any car. If you order Monday through Friday before 3 PM California time, your order is guaranteed to be shipped today. This means you can have your RoofBag car top carrier as early as tomorrow morning, if you choose next-day delivery. We offer shipping options ranging from next day service to ground service.

Ground service takes between 1 and 5 business days, depending on your location. You can see all the shipping options available, along with cost and arrival dates by entering your zip code in the small box in the Shopping Cart, which is visible on each page of our website. The Arrival Date is a best estimate provided by the shipping company.

If shipping company delivers a package late and you decide to return the package, we will refund the value of the items purchased, but we can refund the shipping cost only if you have chosen a guaranteed service and the shipping company has issued a refund. See below for list of guaranteed services. Even with guaranteed services, the shipping companies will not issue a refund if the delay was due to bad weather, system overflow or a faulty address. We only sell online, through our dedicated and secure RoofBag. We ship the same day you order if you place your order before pm PST , and we offer a variety of shipping options, including next day delivery service.

Thus, you could have your carrier tomorrow! By selling online, directly to the customer, we avoid the extra cost of distributors and dealers.

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We pass these savings on to our customers, which is why our prices are so reasonable. Not only can you buy a top-quality car top carrier at a very affordable price, but when you order online, your purchase is fast, encrypted and secure, and on top of that, you don't pay sales tax if you purchase from outside California.