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History of Your House The Main Library at 96 S. Grant Avenue, houses city directories back to Residents are listed in alphabetical order. Beginning in , the directory included a section listing houses by street address. It is important to remember that this directory only lists the occupant of the property, not necessarily the owner of the property. Maps The Main Library also houses various historic real estate and insurance maps which show the outlines of buildings on property and so can assist in dating houses.

The most familiar is the Sanborn Insurance Map which is available for Columbus for the years , , , and These maps are available online as well as at the Main Library on microfilm for all years and in hard copy for A search by address is available beginning with the directory. Title Deeds The source for determining property ownership is a title deed.

Tax Assessments

Deeds are located in the office of the Franklin County Recorder , S. High Street, 18th floor.

This office houses books of deeds dating back to Deeds may be searched with indexes of Grantors sellers or Grantees buyers. Each is divided in chronological periods, such as , , , etc.

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Many deeds have been scanned and are accessible on the County Recorder's website. Deeds record the transfer of ownership, but not the type of development made to the property.

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There are clues within the records though, that may hint at construction and development. A large increase in the purchase price of a property within a short time span may reflect the construction of a building. Also, an easement granted to a gas or electric company may suggest a recent addition to the property.

High Street, 20th floor. The records begin around and show the sequence of owners, tax revisions, and taxable improvements.

History of Your House

These records contain lists of taxes assessed against real property within the county showing property owner, range, township and section, acreage, parcel number, value of property, tax, and whether delinquent. In addition, this site provides information about having a house or property added to the National Register of Historic Buildings in Oregon. You can also access digitized Land Use Planning Decisions online from to the present through a searchable database.

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Our current Clerk is Kevin Mooney. Meridian lines are used to divide states and regions into grids. It is the most populous county in the commonwealth with more than twice the population of second ranked Fayette County. The columns running north and south are called ranges. Drivers Licenses. Bullitt County, Kentucky Public Records Directory - Quickly find public record sources in the largest human edited public record directory. CML Logo.

Please contact the Department of Land Use and Transportation directly with questions about their database. Zoning information dates from the early 's for most areas and provides a history of land use for properties. Survey information is maintained by the County Surveyor and includes microfilm, paper and on-line records of surveys performed in Multnomah County dating from until the present.

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Types of records include field notes, indexes, maps, subdivisions and partition plats, and other records used to determine property boundaries and locations. The Recorder's Office provides access to land records and property tax records.

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Learn how to find information on any property through public records, MLS searches, Conducting Searches for Public Information on Property To research a property's title, you can call a local title company and ask for customer service. A good place to start your search is Trulia's Property Sitemap, which . they can clue you into things you may never find in public records.

Please see their website for details on how to access these records. Per compliance with Oregon Records Law, they only maintain eviction records from the past five years. You should be careful that you are dealing with the same piece of land from one transaction to the next.

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Don't be misled by subdivisions or resubdivisions of a large piece of property, particularly if the same owner held several lots within the square. The price paid for the real estate may also provide you with clues. An identical piece of land with no improvements that resells in a relatively short period of time for a significantly higher price quite likely has had a new building erected on it.

You should not skip the chain-of-title portion of the research project. At the very least it will provide you with the overall framework of your property's ownership. By working within this framework through all of the other materials described in this guide, you will not only save yourself time in the long run, but you will also help to protect yourself from hasty conclusions and other mistakes that it is all too easy to make when you jump into the middle of a research project without preparing the necessary groundwork.