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Here are a few starting off points:. If you have an affinity for a certain color, just like many people always go for a specific color of cars, you can not only create a vibrant theme for your Hot Wheels collection, but also an unlikely decoration for your home. Over the years, Mattel has come up with a variety of series. One of the most famous and sought after ones is Treasure Hunt series which first appeared in It can be recognized by the circled flame which is placed somewhere on a door or a spoiler.

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They have often tuned versions of the basic cars, with better paint jobs, more eye-catching artwork, as well as Real Riders rubbers wheels instead of plastic. Generally speaking though, The Treasure Hunt series, in the spirit of their name, are harder to find and respectively of greater value.

Hot wheels treasure hunts

Ironically, errors make for one of the most unique, interesting, and respectively expensive collections. Gallery view. Guisval Ford Fiesta MK1. Perfect for modifying with hot wheels. Hot Wheels job lot x4 Italian cars. Hot Wheels job lot x5 British cars. Hot Wheels Wastelanders x 4 5 out of 5 stars. Hot Wheels job lot x3 JDM cars. Hot Wheels job lot x5 57 Thunderbirds.

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Convertible Short Card. Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Hot this week. Make an offer. Make offer - Hot Wheels job lot x5 British cars. Hot Wheels Wastelanders x 4. Make offer - Hot Wheels Wastelanders x 4.

Hot wheels treasure hunt x5 cars. Make offer - Hot wheels treasure hunt x5 cars. Infinity and lexus. Hot wheels night burner Th. Hot Wheels job lot x4 exotics.

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To identify one you have to find the low production symbol on the vehicle. Super Treasure Hunts The through Supers are premium versions of regular . Treasure Hunts are a set of chase cars that have a much lower production run than regular Hot Wheels. When is the best time to find Treasure Hunts in stores ?.

Make offer - Hot Wheels job lot x4 exotics. Hot Wheels job lot x4 vintage series cars redline. Make offer - Hot Wheels job lot x4 vintage series cars redline. Best selling. Grown men, fighting over toys… literally. A friend of mine, who also recently became a Hot Wheels hunter, messaged me after dropping into a Wal-Mart just after shipment.


Sign in. Mattel stopped using special cards for all Treasure Hunts in Stuntz Inc. It took me 2 years of looking to find my first one. Vehicle Make see all. Kansas City Star. The series is also used to debut several different castings, such as the Chevy Malibu or the Ford Ranchero.

I said, 'If we find a Treasure Hunt, you can have it — but I get the next one. The other guy…a scalper, obviously. So how much are these cars worth?

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Hot Wheels can be broken into 3 basic catagories: Mainline: Standard car — readily available, normal production. Does this justify the craziness?

How to identify Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt and Super Treasure Hunt Cars and how to find them

I ramped up my search for the purposes of this article and was only able to find 2 Treasure Hunts in 3 months time, looking times a week at lunch and on the weekends as well.