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Outside Morocco this is a different question. Even for females who are non-Muslim it is typically required to produce proof of your religious affiliate such as a baptism certificate to have a legal marriage in Morocco.

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Where are you getting married? In Morocco there is a new law that has come in to play this year — all women will need a blood test as part of the police report. Moroccan women are the best in the world. Am i supposed to stay in the country after giving notice of intent to marry? It can take some time for this process to be completed, then your file is sent to a judge who will advise you on how to obtain your marriage certificate.

Just got married 3 days ago in Marrakesh with my, now Moroccan wife. I just want everyone know that the information in this forum is very valuable. If you want to marry a Moroccan woman, you better be ready for lots and lots of running around and hard work to make it happen. Moroccan women are the best in the world. Good luck everyone!

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Could you please tell me if you managed to register your marriage in Morocco and how does this work? Much appreciated! We did manage to but it took the help of a lawyer, a long time well over a year and a lot of money and court to make it happen. I wish I even completely understood what the issue was to begin with and how it was fixed so that I could share!

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I am from Latvia and would like to marry a Moroccan citizen in Morocco … All the documents have been submitted but one is missing which is not issued by my country … Certificate of permission from the coquette …. I will be traveling to morrocco in a few weeks to marry. Can a certified police clearance letter by the Los Angeles sheriff department also known as certificate of good conduct be good enough to marry?

I really need advice please help.

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Maybe and maybe not. Wish I had a better answer but for some people the sheriff department report was good enough and others they pushed to have the FBI report. Thank you so much for creating this valuable blog. It has helped me understand the process tremendously! Are the paystubs and employment letter required by the US authorities at the embassy or they are required by the Moroccan authorities? I thank you for taking your time to answer my question in advance.

God bless you! The information here is all related to the documents needed to get married in Morocco. Thank you so much, Amanda!! Or they accept walk-in applicant? Please kindly Let me know. Thanks a lot in advance! I believe you can just walk in — at least when I did it I was able to walk in. But you might want to have your partner call and ask ahead of time just to make sure.

Will anyone please let me know if need to Apostille all my documents or just notarize them at a notary service location in the US?

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Your prompt response is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot! An official notarization should work. Make sure that the stamp they give is very clear. I married a Moroccan man. It was very hard. We did all the paperwork he send them all to the usa. We got married through a proxy. Yes we had to get Apostille. I got engaged about 12 years ago at a mosque in the US.

The imam after saying the Khotba, filed our papers in the local court and thus was recorded as a marriage. Now, do I need a divorce decree after all these years? Or an Affidavit of being Single is enough? Any input please? I just recently married in Morocco. What a stressful experience! Worth it in the end, but crazy. We made our appointment 5 days prior to the appt. We were able to visit and complete our papers in Casablanca and Rabat in the same day. Although, the US Consulate website was totally wrong about the Adoul.

It states that it costs dhm. You can expect almost euro when you finish. Translators also cost approx euro. All in all it took 6 weeks to be approved for our marriage in Agadir which the police informed us is quick and some people are still waiting after 2 months , and cost about euro. You had to wait in Morocco for 6 weeks to get the police ok? I have been single for the past 10 years. Will the embassy search for my past records? Or an affidavit of being single is enough? Thank you for the info. I have the list of documents I need, but noone can give me a clear answer if I need them all authenticated and legalized.?.!?!?!

Can u help me?? I am getting to my Moroccan man on April Do I have to bring a letter from landlord that says I have a place to live? Anything you can get notorized you should. I would bring any and every document that you may need, because you just never know. Do you have baptism certificate? Or really anything that relates to that. Hello Amanda thanks for the informative article, i was wondering what have meant by xxxx documents? Am a Nigerian,but am here in Morocco with Moroccan residency,Am planning to get married here in morocco with my American lady,both of us are Christians,Please do you have any idea on how i can go about it?

tiozedownbar.tk My best advice is to go to the family courthouse in your city and ask. Thank you for the information. I have a question about the criminal record. If the bride to be was convicted of a dui charge, can they still marry a Moroccan citizen? I honestly am not sure.

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If you intend to apply for Moroccan residency, you might need to get an Apostille for your criminal record. Experiences with the police vary, but. While many of the marriages between Americans and Moroccans are successful, If resident in Morocco, obtain a Moroccan police record from the Ministry of.

It would be worth calling the Moroccan consulate to ask. I have a feeling violent crimes are the biggest issue. I am an American woman and engaged to a Moroccan. I was wondering about the Single Status Affidavit no marriage record. And it is about 3 months before I will be moving to Morocco to finish the process to marry. Does anyone have input on this?

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Also I have been employed for the past 4 months working full time so I can present proof of my last 3 month pay stubs and a letter from my employer but is there some kind of financial requirement they are looking for? And does anyone have an average estimate about how much this process costs?

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This of course excludes transportation costs.