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The cost of CDs and audio tapes will vary depending on the specific request. Records identified as responsive to your Public Records Act request will be available through the City's Open Public Records web portal. In general, public records maintained by the City Clerk are open to inspection during regular office hours, 8 a.


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Anyone may initiate a request for public records. What type of information can I request? How soon must a city agency respond to my request? How much will I be charged for my request? When may public records be inspected? You must have Javascript enabled to use this form. Union-Tribune: Yes, yes. How… dig into some of that because I wanted to ask you about the severe public censure on these 29 specific acts. You have denied all of those?

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I admitted what I said. There were 20 different charges. They… they funneled them into, I think, one or two charges, but there were 20 some allegations that I was handling cases in Spanish in my courtroom. What I did was someone came in, they did not speak English, I believed in showing everybody respect in my courtroom. I would greet each defendant Mr. Jones, Mr. Smith, Mr. Brown, whatever. I did not conduct the cases in Spanish. Okay, I understand. I was… I was short, I was fat, I wore glasses, I had a terrible last name and my mama dressed me funny.

Union-Tribune: But you came close to losing your seat.

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I mean that… what happened is the second most harsh sanction against a judge and I read that four out of the 10 commissioners voted for removal. The four who voted to remove me were all judges appointed by the Chief Justice, just a fact. The 10 people that all voted to not remove me were the 10 people that were attorneys and citizens who had no legal background. If you want to get back to some of the basis for which they brought me up… I mean do you know they actually charged me… and I could dig up the document for you… with walking in my chambers in stocking feet not wearing shoes.

Another one. An attorney that I had sworn in when she passed the bar… I saw her four months later. She had gotten a job. I walked into a courtroom.

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Non-participation will just lead to a "default" judgment, not to a dismissal of the divorce request. The Finance Department will notify the requester regarding the final status of the dismissal request. Most cases involve collection of delinquent taxes. Please be aware that when a translation is requested, you will be leaving the San Diego Superior Court website. In addition, it had jurisdiction over all criminal cases, and all cases of real property. User Reviews There are no reviews for this agency yet. Escondido : 17 vols.

She ran up to me, threw her arms around me and hugged me. That was… I had to… I had to respond to a complaint about that because I was having an inappropriate relationship with this attorney. At the trial there was a memo Now, that was done by a deputy city attorney who recanted that on the stand when it was… she was asked about it and the interesting thing is… have any of you been into West Broadway?

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Department 3 was on the front end. My chambers were on the back end. For anybody to know that there was even a closed door, they would have had to have x-ray vision, see through five walls to see it because there was no straight shot because I had the in custody behind me. So there were metal doors so nobody could go in without a chip.

Only the bailiffs and the clerks and I could go in and she finally recanted and said yeah, I… and she also claimed that these three deputy city… deputy public defenders were flirting with me to get better census for their clients, which is ridiculous. All three of them testified. Union-Tribune: I want to… one of the charges was that you asked a woman charged with prostitution is it you like the money or you just like the action?

I was trying to talk her out of being a prostitute. I had people come… women come in there… young women… 18, 19… first-time prostitution cases, and I would try to talk them out of ever doing it again. This… the prosecutor… oh, no, your honor, this is irrelevant. I mean the trial went on for two weeks. Give me a break. So I can understand why they were trying to keep it down. Union-Tribune: Can I take you back to you said the four of the commissioners who voted for removal were all appointees?

Union-Tribune: Well there are people on the other side of the birther issue who might disagree with that. KREEP: Well, you know, I originally refused to get involved in that case and the reason I did was because people who I respected told me there was nothing to it and then I was approached by somebody who was a long… at that time a long-term friend of mine, and he brought me a variety of documents.

They were real… it was real information that seemed to support the claim and I felt that the… that the public had the right to know, number one. Number two, I argued one of those cases. I took, I think, four up to the U. Supreme Court. So then they decided the reason why I was lacking qualifications was because all Christians are too biased to be judges, therefore any Christian is lacking qualifications to be a judge.

How do I make a Public Records request?

Accessing Court Case Files. Court case files are public records and subject to public inspection. California Rules of Court, rule (a) states that all papers in . Search Court Cases On-line. The online case search is used to find basic information on a case and its location. Information You Need to Find a Court Record.

This is what was told me back in by the San Diego County Bar Association in a meeting with… I think it was 21 of their leadership, and they… none of them disagreed with that. Well, I happen to believe that people have a right unintelligible and you can say… you may disagree. I have one of my good buddies… Peter Gallagher recently performed same-sex marriage. That bothers me, so condemn me for it. Union-Tribune: Let me… the Me Too movement is a big part of our cultural zeitgeist right now.

Let me just read this to you in light of current times.

How do I Get Copies of Divorce Records in San Diego?

The reason I left my husband is because he was verbally and physically and emotionally abusive. He is a recovering alcoholic and unfortunately has to lay blame on me for things he cannot accept in himself. I fell in love with her and we married. Within six months, I learned that she was an alcoholic, that she just concealed it from me. She said that my idea… that her idea of physical abuse was when she started screaming at me one time and I pounded the table, and I was like 10 feet away from her.

Former Blink-182 Band Member Tom DeLonge Files for Divorce After 18 Years of Marriage

She said that was physically abusive when I pounded the table. She was having an affair with four different men while we were married. She was advertising herself on newspapers to meet… meet men. Those websites. Her daughter came to me and told me it was happening because she would go away for weeks at… I was having serious surgery, and I was laid up for about two to three months. My wife has some serious problems. She threw a suitcase across the hotel room.

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And, yeah, I raised my voice to her. Never touched her in anger. CityBeat shared this email from you in response to their questions. I just want to get your reaction to it. So this is an email you wrote. I mean I may have specific… and this was right when I first got on the bench. So yes. I mean do you know that they had a reporter sitting in my courtroom apparently for weeks trying to find something that they could write about me.