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Title 23: Highways

Creates a safer driving environment for your employees, their dependents, and members of the community. Police officers could conduct spot checks of motorcycle helmets to determine whether they meet a recognized standard e. Mondaq Free Registration. Pedestrian deaths dropped 1. Distracted drivers fail to recognize potential hazards in the road and react more slowly to traffic conditions, decreasing their margin of safety. Allows for the creation of mobility research centers where automated technology can be tested. International Law.

The current standard, which has been in place since , requires a roof to withstand 1. Enoch, ConsumerAffairs.

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The policy runs contrary to a history of openness and availability, in which agency experts have always freely spoken to reporters as field experts. Following a series of complaints of failure both in the U. The agency also issued an inquiry to Ford and BF regarding the high incident of tire failure on Ford Explorers. These models had been experiencing tread separation, especially at high speeds and in warm climates.

Many of the tires in question were made at the Decatur, Illinois, plant. The failure caused many of the vehicles to roll over, resulting in serious injury and fatalities. Exacerbating the lethal combination of BF tires and Ford Explorers, a topic of intense debate, with both manufacturers blaming the other for the defect, was the fact that Ford required a low tire inflation to counter rollover risks associated with the Explorer, which led to an increased incidence of tread separation. In August of the same year, BF announced a voluntary recall of the models under investigation, which they estimated numbered about Congressional investigators later found evidence that BF knew their tires had serious defects in , when 8 of 18 tires pulled from production lines failed in high-speed tests 7 of which were made at the Decatur, IL plant.

TREAD sought to tighten regulatory and safety mechanisms, allowing for stronger penalties, longer recall periods, more authority for regulators and enforcement, and increased funding for investigations. NHTSA was also directed to upgrade tire safety standards and improve labeling information. Warning systems for low-tire pressure, a culprit in the failures, also became mandatory. Ford vs.

Here's the story so far by Joann Muller and Nicole St. Pierre, Business Week. The design defect was an unprotected gas tank placed outside the vehicle frame that, when struck in a side-impact crash, was prone to explosion. In then-Secretary of Transportation Federico Pena headed an investigation into the gas-tank safety defect that was causing fire-related deaths and found at least fire-related deaths. The investigation also found that GM had known about the defect since the early s and had failed to correct it or warn the public.

However, GM was also hit with class-actions suits in nearly every state, which were consolidated into one of the largest automotive class action settlements in history multi-district litigation affecting 49 states. Texas, home to more than one million of the vehicles in question, had a separate class action. GM recalls more than 2M vehicles: Most units affected sold in the U. Despite Defect, G. Keeps Selling S. Timeline of GM recalls Crashworthiness.

Was GM Reckless? Consumer average fuel economy CAFE was first enacted by Congress in to reduce energy consumption by increasing fuel economy standards of cars and light trucks. How the new standards are met is left up to the manufacturers themselves, while NHTSA is charged with verification and enforcement. Pegg, Environmental News Service. ESC is a computer sensor device that helps drivers keep vehicles under control and on their intended path during turns, helping avoid skidding and sliding, and the rollover crashes frequently associated with SUVs and light trucks.

More specifically, it expects the technology to prevent between 4, and 5, rollover deaths each year. Electronic stability control to be standard by Government would have safety feature on all light-passenger vehicles ConsumerReports. Members of the expert teams at NHTSA started to leave the agency, including its excellent fuel efficiency group of engineers and scientists and its talented chief scientist, Dr.

Carl Clark - an air bag pioneer. Ricci and Robert V. Pautsch, Ricci Leopold. Is your car spying on you? Scott King, Nevada Lawyer.

Traffic Safety

Both during her tenure as Administrator and after leaving the organization, Claybrook has been an influential voice in auto and traffic safety regulation. See all 46 comments Comments Donald Zupan 3 weeks ago. I had my Nissan Z roadster with miles into the dealer for the passenger airbag recall P on April 4, The car is stored in a garage and covered most of the time, yet around July I noticed cracks in my dashboard.

So far the dealer and Nissan have refused to replace the dashboard stating the warranty is expired.

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This should not be a warranty issue if I knew the airbag replacement was going to crack my dash I would not have had the work done. I don't ride on the passenger side of the car. I find tinted rear window to be a hazard. Under low light conditions rear viewing is reduced to the point wher the tinted window is a safety hazard. Ashley Ward 3 months ago. With the high number of infant deaths occuring from being left in a hot car. There should be some kind of check backseat alert on cars.

This would eliminate the question of whether or not it was an accident and could save many lives. I would happily listen to an alert every time I turn my car off because I know it would save so many lives. Darlene Hinton 4 months ago. I want to know what can be done about this. It is for one terrible on the environment that it is burning that much oil.

I have only miles on it and have alread put 3 quarts of oil in the brand new vehicle and they don't want to do anything about it.. This is so wrong I hope someone gets this and contact me about what i can do. Lissette Garcia Driving Instructor 7 months ago. To whom it my concern, we are in a world where driving is an essential part of life.

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I live in Florida where the snow is Never an issue when driving but maybe if in the upper States where snow on the roads causes great accidents, you might device a way to heat the roads from within them or create roads that have this technology, since in our own homes we possess such technology.

Of course many would argue that the cost for such roads that could heat up when it snows would be astronomical but not more costly than the lives we'd lose if we don't consider it.

Christopher Metzger 7 months ago. For a matter of cents, that would be a significant step toward safety.

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Tammy Dassance 9 months ago. We have a Chrysler Pacifica. He have had transmission problems since we purchased it. Bringing it to the dealer resulted in the control module being reset, which temporarily stopped the problem, but it always came back. This occurred December The vehicle is still at the dealership waiting for a new transmission. Chrysler will not confirm whether they will repair the problem under warranty.

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They have a transmission problem that they will not admit they have. I thank God we were in slower rush hour traffic because I cannot imagine what could have happened if the vehicle had lost power in traffic that was up to speed.

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I had my daughter and three grandchildren in the vehicle ages 2, 4, and 6. This is a safety hazard that Chrysler knows about but will not fix. Their service bulletins just say reset the module. Every day, Federal employees drive Government-owned, Government-leased, or Government-rented vehicles collectively, GOV or privately-owned vehicles POV on official Government business, and some Federal employees use Government-supplied electronic devices to text or e-mail while driving.

A Federal Government-wide prohibition on the use of text messaging while driving on official business or while using Government-supplied equipment will help save lives, reduce injuries, and set an example for State and local governments, private employers, and individual drivers.

Safety Initiatives

Have a safety problem? Report a problem with your vehicle, tires, car seats or other equipment. We review every problem as we work to keep our roads safe. submit the findings of that report to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ("NHTSA" or "the Agency").

Extending this policy to cover Federal contractors is designed to promote economy and efficiency in Federal procurement. Federal contractors and contractor employees who refrain from the unsafe practice of text messaging while driving in connection with Government business are less likely to experience disruptions to their operations that would adversely impact Federal procurement.

Federal employees shall not engage in text messaging a when driving GOV, or when driving POV while on official Government business, or b when using electronic equipment supplied by the Government while driving. This includes, but is not limited to, considering new rules and programs, and reevaluating existing programs to prohibit text messaging while driving, and conducting education, awareness, and other outreach for Federal employees about the safety risks associated with texting while driving.

Each Federal agency, in procurement contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements, and other grants to the extent authorized by applicable statutory authority, entered into after the date of this order, shall encourage contractors, subcontractors, and recipients and subrecipients to adopt and enforce policies that ban text messaging while driving company-owned or -rented vehicles or GOV, or while driving POV when on official Government business or when performing any work for or on behalf of the Government. Agencies should also encourage Federal contractors, subcontractors, and grant recipients and subrecipients as described in this section to conduct initiatives of the type described in section 3 a of this order.

The Secretary of Transportation, in consultation with the Administrator of General Services and the Director of the Office of Personnel Management , shall provide leadership and guidance to the heads of executive branch agencies to assist them with any action pursuant to this order. It does not include operating a motor vehicle with or without the motor running when one has pulled over to the side of, or off, an active roadway and has halted in a location where one can safely remain stationary.

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